Hi, I'm Alex Santafé, an illustrator passionate about bringing stories to life with a detailed black line and a hint of rough painting. My journey started with traditional painting, ventured into digital art, and landed in editorial work where I get to explore diverse topics with a photorealistic touch.

Process is about collaboration

I like to dive into each article, working hand-in-hand with editors to fine-tune concepts and ensure the illustration seamlessly aligns with the content.

I also enjoy the challenge of grabbing attention with a single image, urging readers to dig into the content. Embracing the idea that "1 image is worth a thousand words", I strive to synthesize the essence of each article visually.

Appreciate you checking in! This is the space where I infuse dedication into every illustration, crafting a narrative within a single frame.

Selected Clients

Statrys·AmCham China·The China Project·Serica Podcast·China-Global South Project·Yale University
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A drawing by Alex Santafe

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Nice words from previous collaborators

"Alex is such a delight to work with."

Jeremy Goldkorn, Chief editor at The China Project

"We are so thankful for the illustrations you did for us."

Antonia Timmerman, Editor at The China-Global South Project

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